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Welcome all new and existing patients to the Sloanside Dental website. We hope this website serves as a reference point to answer any and all questions you may have about Sloanside. We look forward to hearing from you should any questions go un-answered on our website. Our staff and doctors are very friendly- it shows from the first moment you contact us.  Thank you for your interest in Sloanside Dental!

At Sloanside Dental, we offer all aspects of cosmetic and general dentistry alongside a wide network of connections for any specialty needs. Listed below are other various services Sloanside Dental can offer to you and some links to the ADA's webpage for additional information about topics and procedures. For any questions or concerns regarding our services, please contact us, and one of our staff will be happy to help.


Here are a list of our 15 most common procedures and costs.  

1)     Periodic Oral Evaluation - Six month checkup                                                            $51.00

2)     Adult Prophylaxis  -  Healthy Mouth Cleaning Twice a Year                                   $93.00

3)     Set of 4 Bitewings - Checkup Xrays once a year                                                          $64.00

4)     Periapical Film  -  Xray to show the roots of a tooth                                                  $29.00

5)     Full Mouth Xray Series  -  Xrays of the whole mouth every 5 years                     $127.00

6)     Comprehensive Exam - Initial exam of new patient or complete review        $101.00

7)     Child Prophylaxis  -  Child cleaning every 6 months                                                $69.00

8)     Periodontal Maintenance  -  Cleaning to address chronic gum disease           $143.00

9)     Posterior One Surface Composite  -  White filling on a back tooth                     $177.00

10)    Posterior Two Surface Composite  -  White filling on a back tooth                   $232.00

11)    All Ceramic Crown  -  White Crown with no metal                                                    $1140.00

12)    Core Buildup  -  Filling designed to support a crown underneath it                $276.00

13)    Occlusal Guard  -  Protective sleep guard against grinding                                 $636.00

14)  Limited exam  -  Exam focused on a limited area or problem/emergency      $77.00

15)     Single tooth extraction non surgical                                                                             $170.00